Carpet & Fabric Protector

We recently visited a customer in Harpole in Northamptonshire who wanted her carpets and upholstery cleaned. They hadn’t been cleaned in sometime and both were in need of a freshen up, the customer also decided to take up our special offer of 50% OFF on Carpet & Fabric Protector when you have your carpets cleaned.

Protecting your carpets and upholstery from stains and spills is a simple process, however we advise you don’t walk or sit on the fabric for a minimum of 4 hours, ideally we advise clients not to use them until the following day if possible. This allows the protector to dry and cure properly into the fabric giving added protection. Protecting your carpets and soft furnishings allows you more reaction time to deal with any little spills or stains with a damp cloth or kitchen towel, plus normal day to day dust will be far easier to vacuum up when hoovering your carpets making them look far cleaner and fresher. To find out more about carpet protector you can find out more about it from a previous blog via the link or see the below video.

The customers carpets and upholstery were all deep vacuumed and cleaned in readiness for the protector, they were then both sprayed with the protector and air movers were then used to enhance the drying time. The cushions on the couch were stacked in pyramid fashion allowing the air to move through again to enhance the drying time. The customer was over joyed with the results and thought her carpets and upholstery looked like new, take a look at the below pictures and judge for yourself.

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