Carpet Cleaning Products We Use & Recommend

When we visit customers in their homes and they see the difference in their carpets and upholstery or see us remove pet hair and stains they often ask us what hoover we use, how did you remove that stain or get rid of pet hair. Having over 12 years experience in the cleaning industry we’ve used various solutions, tools and equipment and given our customers some useful tips on how to maintain their home. Therefore we thought we would share this with our clients and created an online shop for carpet cleaning products we use and recommend.

Hoover – Sebo BS360 Vacuum

Customers regularly ask us what hoover we use or recommend, as part of our pre-cleaning we always vacuum carpets, rugs and upholstery to remove dust and dirt from the fibres. The Sebo is such a good hoover I’ve had customers think we’ve actually cleaned the carpets after we’ve hoovered them, the beater bar and suction is so good at lifting the pile and removing dust and debris. It also comes with a variety of attachments to clean the stairs, curtains and upholstery all providing a deep-down clean. To find out more or purchase visit our Online Shop.

Hand Brush for Removing Pet Hair

If you have pets that shed hair over your carpets and upholstery then this brush is an absolute must! We use it on regular occasions when cleaning upholstery and stair carpets to remove that unwanted hair prior to hoovering, or we use it to remove fibres left behind from black socks which get intertwined into the carpet pile which then starts to change colour. For larger areas we will use a similar larger brush with a long handle, the brush has rubber nipples that lift the hair when brushed, on the reverse side is a straight rubber edge which then allows you to collect the hair. Hoovering alone won’t remove the unsightly fluff and hair, that’s why we use these brushes prior to hoovering to provide a deep-down clean. Find out more and see us using it via our Online Shop.

Stain Removal – Spotter

Clients are often amazed how we remove stains with ease and ask what we use and can they get some, for clients who have spent over a certain amount we often leave a complimentary bottle of our spotter as a thank you. But now you can buy it for yourself to help keep your soft furnishings and carpets looking in tip-top condition. We often see DIY disasters where customers have used a solution from under the kitchen sink, googled and used some form of home remedy causing colour change and damaging the fabric. Our Spotter has a neutral PH level so you can’t do any harm with it, its safe for children and pets and is ideal for removing Tanin stains such as tea, coffee and other foodstuffs. To order visit our Online Shop or to see how we remove stains visit our YouTube Channel.

Spotter – Carpet Cleaning Products We Use and Recommend

To see how we remove stains from your carpets or to see any of the products in use visit our YouTube Channel and don’t forget to subscribe!

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