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Carpet Cleaning Northampton – Stain Removal

Have you ever wondered what those dark lines are on your carpet close to the skirting boards? As professional carpet cleaners Northampton we’re members of the NCCA and trained to an advance level of spot and stain removal and deal with this on a regular basis.

You often find “Draft Marks” in older properties or cottages, however we have seen them in new builds to, they are caused by air travelling under skirting boards or doors and dust is being blown on to the edge or underneath the carpet. The flow is constant and the dust “wicks” up through the back of the carpet and gradually makes these dark and unsightly lines on your carpet. We can reduce or remove these stains from your carpet, however they will return as the air or draught through the gaps in the skirting board will bring the marks back.

Therefore you need to seal your skirting boards to reduce or stop the flow of air making these marks to your carpets. You may  also see  what we call “Tiger Lines” which are dark stripes again near to your skirting boards, this again is a similar problem where the draught is coming through the floor boards and having a similar effect. A good quality underlay will resolve this problem.

Take a look at our video where I talk you through the issues and how to solve the problem.


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