Carpet Cleaning – Amersham

Commercial Carpet Cleaning – Apartment Blocks, Amersham

SleepHaven carry out commercial carpet cleaning to the communal areas of apartment blocks in Northampton and the surrounding counties, our team recently traveled to Amersham to clean 3 large apartment blocks.

We inspected and quoted for the work earlier in the year and recently liaised with the on site Estate Manager who informed all the residents of our time of arrival and our schedule of work.  It’s important that as little disruption is caused to the residents as possible when carrying out this type of work, not only from causing any inconvenience to the residents but from a Health & Safety perspective. All our staff are trained by the National Carpet Cleaners Association (NCCA) in regards to Health & Safety.

The team had a total of three blocks to clean, which included corridors, lift areas, entrance halls, stairs and landings. The entrance hall, corridors and lift areas on the lower floors tend to be more heavily soiled when cleaning apartment blocks and as you get to the upper floors the soiling becomes lighter. On the more heavily soiled areas our team used a High Performance Pre Spray which was agitated into the carpets and left to dwell to break down the soil, this is after all the carpets are vacuumed. The carpets were then cleaned using a hot water extraction system either using a wand or our Rotovac 360i which is a rotary system giving more agitation, penetrating and extracting the soil. Our team carried out the work over a period of two days and received some fantastic feedback from local residents. We took some before and after pictures and sent them to our client, a couple of days later they contacted us and have booked us for a return visit next year as they were so pleased with the results.

Take a look at some of the before and after pictures below to see how well our team did.

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