Domestic Carpet Cleaning

As Professional carpet cleaners in Northampton and the Daventry area we are members of the National Carpet Cleaners Association and are TrustMark approved contractors. This means we operate to industry standards and are Government endorsed, thereby giving our customers peace of mind. As such, we will carry out a site survey to ascertain the type and make of fabrics and select the appropriate solutions to ensure a competent and thorough deep clean. Our deep carpet cleaning services remove dirt, germs & bacteria that normal hoovering and cleaning leave behind.

Watch the video to see how we clean your carpets.

We can offer the following:

  • Carpet Cleaning Only
  • Carpet Cleaning & Protection
  • Allergy & Sanitisation Cleaning
  • Odour Elimination & Fabric Refresh

Dust Mites Allergies - The Patented cleaning solution we use is a unique formulation, clinically tested and an approved treatment to remove the house dust mite for up to 14 months and is free from biocides.

Coronavirus & Bacteria Control - Envirosafe is a multi-surface cleaner and sanitiser that will safely clean and protect by removing harmful bacteria, viruses and odours. Passed and approved to BS EN1276 & EN 14476 it kills 99.9999% of microbes including Coronavirus Sars - Cov 2 which leads to the illness COVID -19.

SleepHaven's 7-step Path to Purification
and Great Looking Carpets

  • Carpet Cleaners Daventry

    Burn and Bleed Test

    As carpet cleaners in Northampton we first take a small fibre from your carpet and test it with a naked flame to see how it reacts to heat and smells, this helps us to identify the carpet fibres and assists us in using the correct solution. The solution we select is then placed onto a piece of white kitchen towel and tested against the carpet to ensure colour fastness.

  • Carpet Cleaning


    Carpets are vacuumed thoroughly using a hoover which has a beater bar to remove soil and a HEPA filter which ensures that all the dirt and dust is trapped within the vacuum and not re circulated into the air. By vacuuming thoroughly using our equipment will remove up to 70% of the soil.

  • Carpet Cleaners Northampton

    Apply Solution

    The solution chosen which is best to give your carpet a deep down clean is sprayed finely across the carpet and starts to act against the soil.

  • Carpet Cleaning


    The solution is then brushed into the carpet which breaks up and releases the soil ready for extraction.

  • Carpet Cleaners Northampton

    Hot Water Extraction System

    Warm water is applied using a wand or hand tool to extract and remove the soil; the solutions we use are so effective we can clean at lower temperatures.

  • Carpet Cleaners Northampton


    Air movers are used as each room is cleaned to circulate air across the carpet which ensures quick and efficient drying times. By the time we have tidied up and packed our vehicle your carpets will almost be dry.

  • Knapping


    We then give the finishing touches to your carpet. We knap or brush your carpets with a special brush which will fluff up your carpets and gets the pile all running the same way, this process gives you a great looking carpet.

Spot and Stain Removal Northampton & Daventry

If you have an accident or minor spill on your carpets or upholstery in Northampton or Daventry area such as red wine, we provide a quick response emergency spot and stain removal for our local Northampton clients. Whatever the stain you can call us for advice or to attend your home to remove those annoying individual stains.

For more information on Stain Removal, please click here