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End of Tenancy Carpet Cleaning – Carpet Cleaners Weedon

We were recently contacted by a tenant moving from her rental property in Weedon, with all the packing and potential move she had forgotten to arrange to get the carpets cleaned as part of her tenancy agreement. She needed a reliable local company and as carpet cleaners Weedon contacted SleepHaven after reading our reviews on Google and on our website.

As the owner of the company I visited at short notice and inspected the carpets to this 3 bedroom property, this was going to be a challenge! The carpets were heavily soiled throughout and in one small room a fridge had been kept for some time and had leaked all over the carpet causing heavy damage.

Having worked for the letting industry for  8 years we know the standards they expect and the importance of doing a good job for the tenant to ensure they save their deposit. I inspected the carpets with the tenant and pointed out the damage that had been caused by radiator leaks, ink stains and other heavy soiling. As professional carpet cleaners the sooner we can deal with a stain the more chance we have of removing it, some inks and water spills can permanently dye or damage the fibres of the carpet. The tenant said that a lot of the water marks from leaking radiators were there when they moved in, but a lot of the ink and heavy duty soiling had been caused by her children.

Chris and Kian arrived at 11am and got stuck in straight away, they used a High Performance pre spray in conjunction with our rotary machine which gives extra agitation make our work that much easier with heavily soiled carpets. The tenant visited as the boys were working and said “I popped in quickly on my way to get the kids from school – I was amazed at how well it had come up even then!”. The boys did a top job and even I was amazed at the results they achieved.

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