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Carpet Cleaners Rugby

Carpet Cleaners Rugby

We were recently contacted by the Operations Manager of Suez which is the recycling plant in Rugby. They needed their office carpets cleaning but were concerned they wouldn’t clean due to their condition as staff walk in from the plant with their boots on! As experienced commercial carpet cleaners Rugby, Daventry and Northampton we rose to the challenge!

We inspected the carpets and could understand the Operations Manager concerns. Staff and contractors operate on the site and walk dirt and waste into the main offices, the entrance hall and ground floor offices were exceptionally dirty. As you can imagine the waste Suez have to deal with is not your normal waste and was quite intense therefore this was going to be a real challenge.

After giving all the carpets a deep vacuum we used a High Performance pre spray which was agitated into the carpet. We let the spray dwell for 10 minutes to break down the soil then used a hot water extraction system to clean the carpets. We were able to use the wand on the upstairs carpets but when it came to the bottom floor something more extreme was needed.

When we moved to the ground floor we used a different cleaning method due to the intense dirt. We connected the Rotovac 360 which is a rotary machine and cleans the carpet in a circular motion. Staff entering the building couldn’t believe the difference, one member of staff thought a new mat and carpets had been fitted! Take a look at the before and after pictures below.

See what the Operations Manager had to say:

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