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As carpet cleaners in Daventry we carry out regular carpet cleaning for a lot of commercial clients, one of these is Bugbrooke Rugby Club. We attend the club at least once every year to carry out cleaning to the clubhouse carpets.

Their carpets get extremely dirty with mud and dirt being brought in by players and spectators. In addition the carpets suffer from heavy staining from food and beer stains especially around the bar area. As the carpets are so heavily soiled we use stronger solutions and the Rotovac 360i to cut through the dirt and grime. The combination of beer, food and mud becomes sticky therefore we need a degreaser as a pre spray to break down the soil which is agitated into the carpet. The Rotovac 360 rotary device provides further agitation and a deep down clean extracting the soil.

The soil is extracted and goes into a dirty tank, the results are amazing. For those individual stains like chewing gum we use a freeze spray which hardens the gum, this allows us to chip it off with a tool.  We use a spotting machine to remove individual stubborn stains and then dry the carpets using air movers. Take a look at the below before and after pictures to see the difference we make.

If you own a pub or club please give us a call as we would be happy to help and give you a FREE quote, see what the Club Captain had to say:

Carpet Cleaners Daventry Testimonial

Carpets don’t get dirtier than at a Rugby Club. Whether it is the mud, the beer spillages or other unmentionables the flooring at Bugbrooke RFC takes a battering throughout a season. We are delighted to partner with Sleephaven to bring our carpets back to life in the off-season. Thanks to Rich and the team, the carpets are blue again. Cheers from the Bugbrooke Badgers!

Rob Pardon – Club Captain, Bugbrooke RFC



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