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Do your carpets suffer from X Box fatigue??? I love my son but since the extension to my kitchen where I now frequent my son and his friends have turned my lounge into their “CRIB” and gaming room which I’m not allowed to enter. Whilst he was away I entered to pick up glasses and other teenage mess and was horrified at the state of my carpets……and to be honest embarrassed!! As a Professional Carpet Cleaner I thought I would turn a negative into a positive and take the opportunity to demonstrate some of our carpet stain removal skills.

The carpets had numerous spills and stains on it especially in front of the couch where the boys had been sitting and playing on the X Box. We needed to give the carpets a deep vacuum first of all to remove any debris, dirt or grit and then deal with some of the individual stains. Apart from the normal dirt and grime there were various food stains with drink spills from coke, orange, blackcurrant and nasty Apple Juice stain that had apparently been there for some time!!!! James should know better as I thought I had trained him well on how to deal with stains but his excuse was that he was distracted by the X Box but with a cheeky grin said “Chill dad, I know a good carpet cleaner!”

So take a look at the below video to see the problems I faced and how we dealt with it:

If you want advice or want to see some more examples of our stain removal services check out our website. To ensure your carpets are well maintained and to help you remove some of those stains you can purchase some of our “Professional Spotter”  for just £10 by contacting us on 01327 342594.


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