Asthma facts

Asthma currently affects 5.2 million people within the UK and kills 1,500 people in Britain every year. The recent announcement that Britain has a greater incidence of asthma than anywhere else in the world will be of little comfort to the millions of people who suffer from the disease, especially as the NHS has the most inadequate allergy services in Europe.

  • 1 person every 6 hours dies from asthma, but as many as 90% of the deaths from asthma are preventable. - Asthma UK
  • More than UK in 8 Britons (13.2%) suffer from asthma. Over 80% of asthma sufferers have been proven to be allergic to dust mites.
  • In Germany just 3.7% of children have asthma, the lowest figure in EU countries. Germany developed the treatment 16 years ago!
  • "British Children are twice as likely to have asthma as those in other EU countries" - Daily Mail front page story December 2003
  • 198 people go to hospital every day because of their asthma, but an estimated 75% of hospital admissions are avoidable. - Asthma UK

The North West Lung Centre, Manchester studied ten typical pillows and identified more than a million spores of at least 16 different types of fungi. These spores can affect asthma and bronchial conditions. Our system kills and removes these spores.

Remember, You don't have to suffer from allergies to benefit from our treatments. Many people ask for mattress cleaning to be carried out simply because they want to sleep in a clean environment and have the benefit of a pure and healthy nights sleep.

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