Allergy Mattress Cleaning

If you wake up with with watery eyes, sore throat and itchy skin you may be having an allergic reaction from sleeping in your bed. On average over 2 million dust mites can live in a mattress, dust mites and their excrement can cause serious health issues, that’s why our Allergy Mattress Cleaning can help you improve your sleep and alleviate allergic reactions.

We carried out mattress cleaning in Kettering and did a black cloth test to show our customer what their mattress contained. They were horrified when they saw the amount of dust we extracted, this dust will contain dead skin, dust mites and their excrement. An allergen Der p1 is contained within the dust, this is used to break down their excrement so they can feed on it, this is the most common element which causes allergic reactions. Take a look at the below video to see what our allergy mattress cleaning removed from this customers mattress.

The UV lights will kill any bacteria or fungi living on the surface whilst the high vibration system will loosen the dust mites allowing them to be extracted in to a HEPA filter bag along with the dead skin and dust. The bed acts like a bellows as we toss and turn in the bed and inhale the allergens during sleep. Our customers who have mattress cleaning benefit from an improved healthier sleep with the health benefits of having the allergens removed.

My son suffered with asthma and eczema from an early age, I treated his mattress, carpets, fabrics and soft toys with allergy treatments. I witnessed the benefits and the improvement in James’s sleep and general well being when cleaning his mattress. If you’re susceptible to allergies as James was I recommend that you have your mattress cleaned every 6 months.

To find out more about Asthma or Dust Mites please follow the links to our website or call us on 01327 342594 and ask for advice. Alternatively visit Allergy UK for more information regarding allergies in general.

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