Allergy-Friendly Bedrooms

Are you an allergy sufferer? Do have restless nights or wake up with a runny nose, sore throat or watery eyes? If so you may be experiencing an allergic reaction to dust mites and the associated allergens. SleepHaven provides regular mattress cleaning and allergy-friendly bedrooms for customers who suffer from allergies, we now recommend and supply Allergy-Friendly Bedding via our Online Shop providing additional protection for Allergy Sufferers.

Mattress cleaning will kill and remove dust mites, dust mite excrement and associated allergens from the mattress plus bacteria and mould spores. The bed acts as a bellows, as we move and roll in bed allergens are inhaled during sleep which may cause sore eye’s, a runny nose or other allergic reactions. By removing these potentially harmful allergens will create a healthier environment and an improved sleep pattern, take a look at the below video where we did a “Black Cloth Test” to see what we extracted from a mattress.

Mattress Cleaning

Once the mattress is cleaned we can offer extra protection by supplying allergy-friendly bedding, air purifiers to remove allergens within the air or deep cleaning to carpets and soft furnishings. The Allergy-Friendly Bedding we recommend all have the Allergy UK Seal of Approval. Visit our Online Shop to purchase the below items.

Hotel Allergy Friendly Bedrooms

If you’re a hotelier you may have smoking or non-smoking bedrooms for your guests but do you have allergy-friendly bedrooms? Allergy-friendly bedrooms not only benefit allergy sufferers but for all those guests who want a healthy night’s sleep!

1 in 3 people suffers from allergies, providing allergy-friendly bedrooms will give your hotel a marketing edge over your competitors and allow you to charge a premium if you wish. Your guests will feel rested and refreshed ready for their business meeting, sightseeing or socialising during the course of the day. Deep cleaning and treatments to the mattress, carpets, soft furnishings, and installation of an air purifier will make the room feel fresher and healthier for your guests.

We have experience in providing Allergy-Friendly Bedrooms at Cwrt Bleddyn Hotel Wales, Park Lane Hotel London, Millenium Copthorne Mayfair London, Comfort Inn Finchley, Copthorne Hotel Slough Windsor and Principle Hayley Sedgebrook Hall Northampton.

Marketing material can be supplied for the rooms, front desk and website helping you to inform your guests and the benefits of sleeping in a SleepHaven Allergy-Friendly Bedroom. We will provide a leaflet for the room and a certificate to the hotel, this will inform your guests of the efforts you have gone in providing a healthy environment for them to stay in plus ensure they have a great night’s sleep and a pleasant stay.

Cwrt Bleddyn Hotel Wales

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