Richard-and-SonAs Company Director I am passionate about the reasoning behind SleepHaven as my introduction to the world of allergens was very personal. My son James was diagnosed with severe eczema and asthma attritable to dust mites and other dust related allergies. Having spent months and months finding out more and more about what allergic reaction is triggered by, and more importantly, how they can be prevented, I now have a better understanding than most. Having ensured my son now has a far better quality of life, I have now embarked on a mission to give the same opportunity to allergy sufferers, home owners and countless travellers in the UK.

SleepHaven was established in January 2009 with the vision of providing “Healthy Homes and Hotels” within Northamptonshire and the surrounding Counties. Our services will not only benefit allergy sufferers but those who want a clean and healthy environment whilst enjoying a pure and good night’s sleep.

Already we’ve had numerous successes providing carpet cleaning services for large property management companies throughout the Midlands and Home Counties. In addition, we have previous experience of working with various major hotel groups in the London and Midlands regions.

Our promise to our clients is “The Most Thorough ECO Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning You’ve Ever Seen…..Or It’s Free!”

If you’re not 100% satisfied you don’t pay, it’s that simple……..Guaranteed!