Cleaning Carpet and Tiles

Apartment Blocks - Communal Areas We recently attended apartment blocks in Dunstable and St Albans to clean the communal areas of apartment blocks for our good friends and clients SMD Services Ltd. The communal areas were dirty which had a different challenge for us as both cleaning carpet and tiles were required which meant using different techniques and solutions. Cleaning Carpet and Tiles Carpet Cleaning The carpets throughout the blocks were deep vacuumed as usual and were then treated...

Smoke Damage

Carpet Cleaning
How to treat Smoke Damage As a landlord or letting agent you will know that accidents can happen and that some tenants are not that careful. I recently had to attend a property where the tenant had left a pan on the cooker which caused extensive smoke damage to the kitchen, entrance hall and lounge. In this blog I will talk you through the process on how to treat smoke damage to your property. Firstly the walls, ceilings and woodwork need to be washed down extensively using a solution especi...

Carpet Cleaners – Northampton

Carpet Cleaners Northampton
Commercial Carpet Cleaning - Northampton As carpet cleaners Northampton we carry out regular commercial carpet cleaning in Northamptonshire and the surrounding counties to pubs, clubs, offices, rental properties and the communal areas of large apartment blocks. Our most recent challenge was four apartment blocks in Northampton plus two Villas and all during a heat wave! The blocks were several stories high, with executive flats, numerous residents and located in the center of Northampton. Wh...

Carpet Cleaning Northampton – Testimonial

Carpet Cleaning Northampton
Carpet Cleaning Northampton We recently carried out domestic carpet cleaning in Northampton for a customer. The customer took advantage of our special offer of 50% OFF on carpet protection when you have your carpets cleaned.  Take a look below at the testimonial they gave us. "From first contact with Richard of Sleephaven, to having the carpets cleaned by his team was first class. Chris & Dan (great chaps) arrived on time and explained the process of cleaning the carpets. Over the next...

Carpet Stain Removal Northampton

Carpet Spot & Stain Removal As qualified professional carpet cleaners in Northampton we're trained in advanced spot and stain removal. Having 9 years experience we've encountered most stains and have a variety of solutions and techniques in assisting us to remove stains from your carpets. We will offer customers advice by phone or provide a "Call Out" service for all those emergencies removing a variety of stains from tea, coffee, ink, nail varnish red wine and bodily fluids! The sooner ...

Carpet Cleaners Northampton – Testimonial

Carpet Cleaning Testimonial
Carpet Cleaners Northampton We recently had to visit a village near Northampton to clean a customers lounge and Dining Room which hadn't been professionally cleaned before. As the children and their friends spent a lot of time and liked to play in the rooms the customer needed professional help and as carpet cleaners Northampton we stepped up to the challenge. The customer wasn't sure what results could be achieved, but after we cleaned the carpets this is what she had to say "Brilliant job ...

Testimonials are not always easy!

As a carpet cleaner Northampton and businessman it's always useful to get client testimonials to promote your work, therefore I thought of my good friend Simon Dolan. Simon is the Managing Director of SMD Services Ltd which provide a large scale property maintenance service to apartment blocks in Northamptonshire, Home Counties and The Midlands. We carry out commercial carpet cleaning on his behalf to the corridors and communal areas of the flats and have done so for several years, therefore I t...

Carpet Cleaning Northampton – Stain Removal

Have you ever wondered what those dark lines are on your carpet close to the skirting boards? As professional carpet cleaners Northampton we're members of the NCCA and trained to an advance level of spot and stain removal and deal with this on a regular basis. You often find "Draft Marks" in older properties or cottages, however we have seen them in new builds to, they are caused by air travelling under skirting boards or doors and dust is being blown on to the edge or underneath the carpet. ...