Upholstery Cleaning – Staverton Near Daventry

Upholstery cleaning Daventry
Upholstery Cleaning Staverton We were contacted by a customer and asked to carry out upholstery cleaning to his 4 seater couch and two armchairs.  The customer had 2 small children, pets and worked in the building industry and in his words the suite had taken a 7 year beating! On inspection the suite was heavily soiled with spills from drink and food plus heavy soiling from the customers work clothes plus the odd splash of paint......the customer had recently decorated his lounge, this was g...

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Daventry

Commercial Carpet Cleaners Daventry
Commercial Carpet Cleaning - Fords Daventry SleepHaven carry out domestic and commercial carpet cleaning in Daventry and the Northampton area. Sleephaven we're contacted by Fords in Daventry to quote to clean the carpets in their Henry Ford Academy where they carry out training for their UK staff. The Henry Ford Academy (HFA) is a very large building with an Auditorium, numerous classrooms, offices, corridors and stairwells. Our staff provided an on site inspection and liaised with our clien...

Landlord Rental Properties – Water Escape

Water Escape - Carpet Cleaners Daventry
How to deal with Water Escape - Daventry As part of our One Stop Shop Property Services for Landlords & Letting agents we deal with a lot of rental properties and tenants. We  recently received an emergency call from one of our letting agent clients to say a pipe had burst with water escape to one of their rental properties in Daventry. A plumber had attended to isolate the leak from the boiler but a vast amount of water had escaped into the bedroom, downstairs hall and lounge. If left w...

How to Remove Hair & Black Fluff from your Carpets

Hair & Black Fluff - Carpet Stain Removal Tip Have you ever wondered what those dark marks are around your bed, wardrobe or in front of your couch? No matter how much you hoover they're still there? Well the likelihood is that it's black fluff from socks!.....and here we'll tell you what causes it and a SleepHaven carpet stain removal tip on how to get rid of it! Around the bed, in front of the wardrobe and couch are normal heavy duty"Traffic Lane Areas" where the carpet gets more wear a...

Carpet Stain Removal Northampton

Carpet Spot & Stain Removal As qualified professional carpet cleaners in Northampton we're trained in advanced spot and stain removal. Having 9 years experience we've encountered most stains and have a variety of solutions and techniques in assisting us to remove stains from your carpets. We will offer customers advice by phone or provide a "Call Out" service for all those emergencies removing a variety of stains from tea, coffee, ink, nail varnish red wine and bodily fluids! The sooner ...

Carpet Cleaners Daventry

Bugbrooke Rugby Club - Carpet Cleaners Daventry As carpet cleaners in Daventry we carry out regular carpet cleaning for a lot of commercial clients, one of these is Bugbrooke Rugby Club. We attend the club at least once every year to carry out cleaning to the clubhouse carpets. Their carpets get extremely dirty with mud and dirt being brought in by players and spectators. In addition the carpets suffer from heavy staining from food and beer stains especially around the bar area. As the carpe...

One Stop Shop Property Maintenance by SleepHaven

One Stop Shop Property Maintenance by Sleephaven
Carpet Cleaning and Decorating We recently were asked by a landlord to re decorate a property after their last tenant left as part of our One Stop Shop property maintenance service for landlords and letting agents. Once the decorating was complete SleepHaven carried out a deep clean to include end of tenancy cleaning, mattress & carpet cleaning plus a clean to all the external UPVC and windows. The UPVC was treated with a reviver and then polished which not only removed the dirt but brought...

Water Restoration Daventry

Water Escape, Leaks & Flooding With all the recent rain a letting agent client contacted SleepHaven to attend a property in Long Buckby due to flooding, water had damaged the carpets at a Landlords cottage in Long Buckby. SleepHaven now provide Water Restoration Daventry & Northampton areas to our letting agent clients. Water had entered from the rear of the property and made its way through to the front soaking all the carpets and underlay. When we arrived I had to extract any surfa...

Upholstery Cleaning Daventry

Upholstery Cleaning Daventry - How We Do It As members of the National Carpet Cleaners Association (NCCA) we not only provide professional carpet cleaning but upholstery cleaning Daventry, Northampton and the surrounding areas. With upholstery cleaning there is so much more to consider in relation to the types of fabrics and cleaning process, In addition everything has to be done by hand which is a lot more work and time consuming if you want to achieve the right results.  As with carpets,...

Red Wine Stain Removal – Nether Heyford

Testimonial - Red Wine Stain Removal Yet another successful visit by SleepHaven to our home. A huge thank you to Richard and his team for their rapid response to rescue me from the “Dog House”, after I spilled some red wine on our lounge carpet! I have known Richard for many years and have used the services of SleepHaven many times; I would not use any other company. Geoff – Nether Heyford